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Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and websites. Simplish offers services in content writing, editing, creative writing, blog writing, newsletters, and copy writing in English. At Simplish we have the skill set in B2B marketing and campaign advertisements. 


Sharon Founded and created the Simplish method which teaches young children (ages 4-8 years old) the foundations of the English language.

She wrote the three part workbook series that includes letter recognition, printing and reading and writing skills. All the marketing collateral is included in her skill set which includes management. Simplish offers a teachers training program with a certification process with opportunity to teach at the Simplish English language school. Teachers that choose to venture on their own (upon completion of the Simplish teachers training) are provided with the Simplish marketing platform to help set them on their way.
At Simplish we believe in working together not in competition.

Sharon Shenbaum
Owner & Founder

The idea of Simplish spawned when I was on maternity leave with my son, Evyatar. I remember rocking Evyatar to sleep and thinking life right now is so simple, I wish that your life would be as simple as it is now. I had been teaching in the Israeli and Canadian school system for seven years and I understood that what could be made simple was the foundations of learning.  

In Canada I was a preschool teacher and supervisor which I loved. I enjoyed being able to use my creative talents in educating children through art and play. When I immigrated to Israel I taught English. It was exciting and different. I felt that it was challenging not just for myself and other teachers but for the children as well. I constantly questioned if there was a simpler and more effective way to teach EFL reading and writing. While playing with my son I realized that my question had an answer! When children learn to read and write it must be done in the most simple and effective way. It was at that moment that Simplish was created. 


My educational background has played a large part in the design and methodology of Simplish. I attain a Bachelor's of Education Degree with honours, majoring in English, and an Early Childhood Education Development Diploma. As well, I am trained as a behavioural interventionist through RDI (an American/Canadian based intervention program). It was always apparent to me that Simplish must be accessible for all children, regardless of their educational status and background. 

It has been said that children and pregnancy changes a woman. Each pregnancy changed me. Tweaked my personality. Re-directed my skills. Strengthened me and taught me to know what I want.


During the time that my husband and I were trying to conceive my second son I found myself and Simplish  on a professional learning curve.  I initially began working  as a freelance content writer , which quickly developed (with training) to editing and copywriting.  It was then that I re-branded Simplish to offer more services in the whrelm of writing and grow my business to a more diverse platform. 

Education will always have a special place in my heart and I pray everyday to help make an impact on the system. Simplish will continue to move forward and help every child it meets while addressing the needs of the adult professional world as well. Without content the books would be empty and Simplish is here to fill in those pages.  


Assaf Rosenheim

Real Estate Business Development at Profimex

Sharon is a rare breed that combines top notch writing skills with a passion for excellence. Her work as a content and professional writer is fascinating even when the subject matter may be dull.  In my experience she has always met deadlines, even when tight, and did it with unusual grace.  Sharon’s writing is Academic, yet she uses humor and creativity to make the written word pop off the page.  A professional attitude combined with excellent peoples’ skills makes Mrs. Shenbaum an asset to any firm who benefits from her talent.

Rachel Mendelovitz

CEO + Founder at Behave


Sharon is professional and fast. Her service is of high standard. She focuses on improving the text by providing editing suggestions, tips and comments. Thank you Sharon

Dona Inselberg

Headhunting & Sourcing

Sharon is an accomplished writer and teacher. I was consistently impressed with the level of her marketing content writing and creative ideas. She did a very professional job on my website and marketing collateral and thought of out of the box marketing strategies for my business.

Leeron Lerer 

Nof Yam Elementary School

I would like to thank and proclaim that Simplish - English Made Simple is an amazing English program. We teach with the Simplish workbooks (now the second year) and are extremely happy. The books are practical, friendly and inviting. All of my students are progressing well and they really feel that they are engaged in a fun way. Thank-you Simplish for your wonderful work. 

Please fill in your inquiry and we will return to you within 2 business days. 

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